Director Gregory de Maria was born and raised in Paris. Starting his fine arts education at EDTA Sornas, he graduated from the prestigious visual art school Gobelins in 2000, majoring in graphic design and visual animation, finalizing his studies in filmmaking at the renowned ENS Louis-Lumière.

After working in graphic design and advertising in Paris, Greg settled in New York City for six years. As an art director for Resident Creative Studio, Greg produced commercials and music videos for a variety of clients. During this time, he was nominated at the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards for Best Art Direction for Coldplay’s Viva La Vida music video (directed by Hype Williams).

For the past three years, Greg has focused on directing, using his unique aesthetic to enhance clients’ requests. In 2010, Greg was named one of SHOOT Magazine’s 32 Best Upcoming Directors. Few of his short films, including Rihaku and The Reveries have won several independent film festival awards as well.

An incredibly dedicated director, Greg looks for distinctive ways to tell stories through multiple artistic methods. He pays close attention to every detail, and his extensive knowledge in visual effects assures a smooth transition between the shoot and post-production.

Greg is currently based in Los Angeles, but willing to travel the globe.